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Our Quality, Service and Experience is unbeatable. Our engines are built one at a time to complement our customers individual needs, with any combination of options, compression or displacement.
Classic air
(Includes Bugs, Bajas, Ghias, Thing, and off-road VW powered vehicles.)

Buggy World offers a variety of frames to purchase. We sell Knock Down Kits (steel bends cut to length-you weld),Tack kits (tack weld, can’t be shipped), and fully welded frames. Buggy World’s Knock Down frame kits are available in two or four seat rear-engine standard top frames only, as well as custom built Sand Rail kits!

We also have a Standard Bracketry Package available for $575.00. It includes all of the following: gas tank brackets, oil cool mounts, oil filter mounts, engine support brackets, ammo can bar, third tranny mounts, shift linkage, turning brake mounts, floor, battery box, spring plate retainer, mirror mount, driver foot bar, passenger foot bar, steering mounts, exhaust bar, pedal plates, seat belt tabs, headlight tabs, antenna tab, chain links, & hose carrier.

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Buggy World
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All transmission are sold with out axles and nose cone. Your trans core needs to be returned to us! If you do not, there will be a $100 core charge for bug trans and $350 core charge for bus trans. You will need to fill the transmission with 90w gear oil once installed.